West 49

West 49

Mayfair Mall | 250-995-0207

$$ Low-Mid woman man




West 49 is a board shop, so the clothing is very California with lines such as Roxy, Billabong, and Element. Teens and fans of the California boarding culture are the target audience. Prices are relatively low, and you can get a new skateboard while visiting. The men’s section has nice jeans around $60.

Vanessa’s View

In terms of the women’s fashion in West 49, I would say it’s definitely on the younger side, with lines like Roxy often being a little bit skimpy. There are a lot of graphic tees and short shorts to be found, so it’s a great shop if you’re into the  skateboarding or surfing lifestyle. While the style isn’t mine, I’m a flip flop girl through and through so the essence of the store appeals to me that way.

Kate’s View

Chalk full of Roxy, Billabong and Element hoodies, West 49  feels like I was transported back to my old high school. I found the selection lacking on the women’s side of the store, but the men’s section was much more robust. Top that off with affordability and you can tell why a lot of guys shop here.