Suzy Shier

Suzy Shier

Mayfair Mall | 250-381-1104 + The Bay Centre | 250-360-1688






Suzy Shier is an affordable clothing source for business women on a budget. Expect to find lots of tailored style such as blazers and pencil skirts in the lower price range. Items are typically somewhere around $20 so it’s a good spot to hit if you’re just starting a new job. While many people find the clothing at Suzy Shier rather lackluster, you may want to make a trip to their accessory section of the store next time you are walking by. That’s where you strike gold – awesome fake gold. Suzy Shier’s jewelry is actually really funky and cheap, and because nobody seems to know about its hidden secret – you can find cute rings on sale for $3!

Vanessa’s View

Once upon a time I loved Suzy Shier. I had a bit of an odd taste in clothing growing up. Think 12 year old working for government. So if it was tailored, it was my thing. Which means that Suzy Shier has a slightly nostalgic air for me. But also, I have grown to dislike a lot of chains, and I love to support local business, so it I wouldn’t call it one of my haunts – despite recently discovering a jewelry goldmine, thanks to Kate! As far as the clothing goes, I find it poor quality. The fabrics feel plasticky , and being a curvy girl, the things that are supposed to be tailored here tend to be straining inappropriately at my bust and then way too big at my waist. That being said, I do have a really nice skirt that I bought a couple years back. I just took it in at the waist. So, if you are looking for a bit of a hunt, need work clothes but don’t want to spend big bucks, and don’t mind doing some alterations (or getting your mom to) then it’s a good place to hit.

Kate’s View

Walking into Suzy Shier (after boycotting it, thinking it was a frumpy-middle-aged-women store) was one of the best decisions for my jewelry box. I found an ornate bejeweled locket which has become one of my most prized possessions. Everyone is flabbergasted when I tell them it’s from Suzy Shier and not a trendy Lower Johnson boutique. If you are looking for affordable business attire Suzy Shier is your place, just don’t buy everything from there otherwise it will look cheap.