Suasion Boutique

Suasion Boutique

552 Johnson St | 250-995-0133
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Suasion has been in business for over 10 years now and if you can afford it, a classy and casual outfit is probably waiting for you there. With lines such as Citizens of Humanity, Suasion is a high end boutique on Lower Johnson Street where you can find top notch quality in the latest styles. Here you can find stunning clothing of all varieties while getting your shoe, jewelry, and candle fix!

Vanessa’s View

Pause to have a slight love fest over the merchandising in here. It may be a little bit obvious by now, but I love anything vintage inspired, and with majestic yet sturdy display tables going down the center of the store and literally the most beautiful fitting room doors that remind me of France with the lion head pulls, I am totally enchanted every time I walk into Suasion.

I really like that they focus on both local and international clothing lines, which gives the store nice depth. One thing that I always admire (along with those amazing fitting rooms) when I go into Suasion is their awesome jewelry. A lot of it is very vintage inspired with re-purposed bits and bobs like old monocles and bullet casings with raw crystals stuck in them. I swear you could spend hours playing with, and admiring, that jewelry.

Kate’s View

Suasion is a store that looks expensive from the outside, then you you walk in to find out it really does cost an arm plus a leg. This is what stopped me from going into Suasion for a number of years, but recently I went in and found the most lovely hi-lo skirt. It was marked down from over $220, to a more manageable $140 and I had to snap it up. The quality of the garment surpasses anything I had seen before and it will be a piece I’ll have for years. It’s unique and special, so I didn’t mind opening my wallet a little more than normal.