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Stitches is a low end trendy Canadian company targeted at teenagers aged 14-16. With tons of graphic tees, short shorts, skeleton prints, neon and whatever else drew our attention at that age. Stitches has not changed much over the last 6 years. While places like Sirens and Garage have evolved to reflect 2013’s teens, Stitches is keeping up with the hip hop style. Items are typically $20 and under, and this includes the men’s section, which has 12 year old white boys dressed like gangstas written all over it.

Vanessa’s View

After seeing how much stores like Sirens and Garage have evolved, I’ll admit that I was quite surprised by how little Stitches had changed. With graphic tees with smart phone screen shots, I decided that perhaps they’ve embraced the phone culture somewhat, but other than that I  just found Stitches a little bit frightening. Of course there were a couple floral dresses I liked, but it’s mostly short shorts. It is affordable for teens who are living on an allowance or just got their first job. You can get 2 pairs of jeans for just $30! As for the men’s section, I’d recommend trying to stay away, unless you’re looking for a laugh. Kids don’t actually wear that stuff… Do they?

Kate’s View

The last thing I bought at Stitches was for a tight and bright party, but after going to the Salvation Army and finding something much better I didn’t even wind up wearing it. So moral of the story, don’t go to Stiches, go to a thrift store and find something that is much better quality and even cheaper than any of the clothing found in Stitches. Don’t even get me started on the men’s boys section – it’s terrible.