Still Life for Her

Still Life for Her

550 Johnson St | 250-386-5658

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Still Life for Her is a high end vintage meets modern boutique with a decidedly west coast vibe. With brands such as Cooper and Ella, Nudie Jeans & Co, Libertine-Libertine and Herschel Bags, you will find items starting at about $80 and going up to around $250, putting Still Life for Her in the High price category.

Vanessa’s View

I love the teepee fitting rooms in Still Life. They are way too cool for school. While Still Life isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, I really admire the style of the store. You can just tell by looking at pieces that the quality is a cut above. I’m a big fan of slightly androgynous accessories (I’m often seen with my men’s Fossil messenger bag) so I really like Herschel bags. They pair so nicely with super girly dresses and outfits-  I like to think they even each other out.

Kate’s View

Two years ago I was given a $25 gift certificate for Still Life for Her. I don’t want to sound ungrateful but $25 does not go far at Still Life for Her. I had the gift card for over a year because I would at least have to spend $75 to buy anything with it (unless I wanted socks). However, last summer I walked in and saw the most lovely coral, baby blue and cream maxi skirt. As soon as I saw it, I was pretty sure I was going to be spending my gift card. The damage? $120, but it was marked down from $220. Long story short, it doesn’t hurt to walk into expensive stores once in a while because who knows, maybe your favourite  blazer, skirt or shirt is waiting for you there. You just might need to splurge a little.