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Although Sirens isn’t a trendsetter, in recent years they have improved their look from trashy to half decent. This is quite the accomplishment. The store has a a wide variety of clothes from peplum tops to cross ripped t-shirts, $20 fun dresses to spiked bras on clearance for under $10. Think lots of short shorts and floral prints along with a couple super cheap fur coats a la “Thrift Shop” happening at this exact moment. It’s a store most girls can afford, and it has something for almost everyone – except maybe your mom. I’m sure we have all gone shopping at Sirens at some point or another.

Vanessa’s View

Honestly, going into Sirens for the first time in a few years, I was quite surprised. With a bit of digging through the skin-baring club gear, alongside the graphic tees and itty bitty shorts that are probably only suited for 13 year olds who have not quite… blossomed yet, there were actually some pretty cute dresses and tops. The quality of fabric may have been lacking in many places, so only expect an outfit to last a season or so. But don’t forget the club gear! If you need a bedazzled bra for a costume party or something that will only look good in those weird nightclub or bar lights, shopping at Sirens is probably a safe bet. If you go into Sirens expecting to be disappointed, you will probably find something cute. So in that sense, Sirens definitely carries the element of surprise.

Kate’s View

I loved shopping at Sirens when I was 13. I could afford it (2 pairs of jeans for $30!), but then I got a job and didn’t have to depend on my parents to buy my clothes. So I started to look at Sirens with a more critical eye, and stopped shopping there for several years. In recent years I have gone back there to shop, but usually I just buy accessories. The key with shopping at Sirens is to not buy an entire outfit at Sirens and wear it together. Pair certain pieces of their clothing with more expensive items in your closet and you’ll come up with a great look for less.