Sam's Sideshow Boutique

Sam’s Sideshow Boutique

559 Johnson St | 250-590-3494

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Sam’s Sideshow Boutique has a great selection of vintage pieces dating from about the 30s to the 70s. The prices are very affordable, just be prepared to do a bit of digging. The shop owner is very friendly and chatty, and if you like a piece but it doesn’t fit you quite right, she does alterations as well! Word of warning for those of you who don’t love dogs, the owner brings in her very friendly furry friend every day.

Kate’s View

This store is right up my alley because I love having to search for treasures. Sometimes I won’t even buy something if it seems too easy to find, because then somebody else could have easily found it as well! The owner, Sam, alters some of the vintage clothing she finds by bleaching denim and re-working old pantsuits into something amazing. Don’t be frightened of the cave of clothes that is Sideshow for you might find the perfect vintage gem. Who doesn’t like a store with a Macklemore fur coat? P-I-M-P. ‘Nuff said.

Vanessa’s View

Sideshow is very aptly named . I’ll admit I was a little frightened when I first went down the stairs into the small spot. It’s almost as if you’re walking into a circus closet with the way things are displayed all helter skelter. The owner, Sam, is very active on Facebook and has garnered quite the following for her funky and slightly offbeat store.