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$dollar woman




Reitmans is a Canadian womenswear company that has been around since 1926. They specialize in fashions for all sizes, with styles targeting working women ages 35 and up. You will find a lot of stretchy, forgiving cuts and materials, and most items run $50 and under, with the exception of blazers and pants, which can go to about $70. Keep in mind when shopping here that sizes aren’t necessarily true, you can typically go smaller than usual.

Vanessa’s View

While Reitmans is the store that we all know because it’s where our moms typically shop, it doesn’t mean that all generations can’t shop here. Reitmans is appealing for its lower cost, as well as a plus size and petites section, which actually has nice, flattering cuts. The last time I was in a Reitmans, I found a loose fitting sheer black top – the kind that everyone seems to have – and it was on sale for something crazy like $3. Only catch was that it was an XXL. Of course, I tried it on anyways, and it was just the right amount of too big, and now, I wear it about once a week on average. So don’t be afraid to just look at all the sections. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Kate’s View

Reitmans knows its target audience because it still advertises with inserts in the paper. Who still actually buys the newspaper? Older people and me. The clothes in Reitmans are functional and if you don’t just buy what is on the mannequins, you could find something nice.