Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel

585 Johnson St | 250-380-0906

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Rebel Rebel is a high end, locally owned shop where you can find the line La Poeme, which is designed by one of the two owners, Claudia. The shop has a loud and fun essence to it, while sticking to feminine and classic roots.You will also find lines such as Seven for all Mankind and Cheap Mondays, so expect to spend at least $150. The menswear has a funky vibe to it, and a distinctly west coast,  skateboarding feel.

Vanessa’s View

Rebel Rebel is a really neat store. I like the way the merchandise and I think that the mens fashions are a lot of fun. I like that the womenswear is very edgy, with a retro feel. The name Rebel Rebel itself says that they like David Bowie.