Mysi Majority

Mysi Majority

580 Johnson St | 250-385-8592

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Mysi Majority is a locally owned shop on Lower Johnson with affordable, trendy styles. Fitting in the low to medium price category, you can find a cute dress or top for under $100 easily. The store is targeted at young women who like to be on trend. With a lot of cute flirty dresses mixed with corsets, cutouts, and leather paneling, this is definitely a store for the trend savvy. Be sure to check out the awesome jewelry, and necessities like belts and bandeaus are $10-$25.

Vanessa’s View

I really like the look in Mysi. With a cute zebra print waiting area near the fitting rooms and big white tables through the center of their store to display accessories, it’s light and airy. The jewelry is all really neat, lots of fun concepts, like cameos where it’s actually a skeleton, and owls, and fun, unique pieces. The clothing is all affordable and it’s definitely a good place to check out if you’re looking for a dress to go out in after work.

Kate’s View

When you enter Mysi Majority you are greeted by a large white table with belts of every variety displayed on it. There are dresses everywhere and they have a whole wall full of Nitikasing jewelry. While browsing I found a body chain – unfortunately I couldn’t buy it, but I’m sure somebody snatched it up. Since Mysi Majority stocks dresses, shoes and accessories chances are you could find something nice.