Mavens Vintage Apparel

Mavens Vintage Apparel

21-532 Herald St | 250-590-3651

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Mavens Vintage Apparel is a locally owned vintage shop in the low to mid price category. With one of a kind pieces constantly making their way through the shop, the store changes up frequently, and it’s always worth keeping your eyes peeled for the perfect vintage dress. The shop definitely has a more retro selection, so you’re likely to see lots of styles from the ’60s-’80s, which suit the vinyl records and green and orange striped walls quite nicely.

Vanessa’s View

Mavens is a vintage shop that I would shop in. With so much to look at, and the ’60s being one of my favourite eras to draw inspiration from, I can definitely see myself picking up a few special pieces here and there. One thing I noticed was the large selection of bow-ties  both pre-tied and the normal way which I spent quite some time trying to figure out (to no avail). The owner also makes ’20s themed flapper headbands, which is a great thing to keep in mind for theme parties. In fact, this is a store you’ll want to hit if you have a theme party coming up.

Kate’s View

I imagine if Professor Trelawney needed a place to shop, one of her first stops would be Maven’s. The eclectic store features a shelf of vintage barbies, tutus hanging from the ceiling, vinyl records lining the walls and racks upon racks of vintage clothing gems. Although I haven’t bought anything from Maven’s yet, I can foresee myself buying the odd piece of clothing here and there.