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Jacob is a business chic store. If tailored cuts and classic styes in trendy (but work friendly) colours are what you want, then Jacob is probably the store for you. With tops starting at about $40 and blazers and dresses going up to about $125, I would put it in in the low to mid category. Jacob is a private, family owned Canadian company based out of Montreal.

Vanessa’s View

I don’t really do too much shopping at Jacob, as I don’t particularly do much department store shopping at all. Honestly I find Jacob a little bit drab. The cuts are often too boring and conservative. Tops and dresses, while pretty and flattering, don’t have anything unique about them to give it that extra oomph. For a business casual design esthetic, it lingers on the side of safe, and casual. For the most part, their fabrics are quite nice, so I might hit Jacob for a couple basics but leave it at that.

Kate’s View

I would say Jacob is the classier sibling of Suzy Shier, and it is not that much more expensive to shop there. While Jacob is a simple store, it has a lot to offer and usually it has good sales. I found a button up shirt with a lovely feather pattern on it. It looks great layered under a sweater or just on its own.