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Garage is a low end clothing store that has been targeting carefree teens since 1975. Based out of Montreal, Garage has revamped its image from low end to low end chic. It has evolved to a more flirty casual feel, making the teenage market seem a little more grown up, and it now compares more to stores like Forever 21. You’ll find cute under $40 basics likes tees, tanks, jean jackets and sweaters, and at the checkout – candy!

Vanessa’s View

Stepping into Garage for the first time since I was a teenager, I was a little bit shocked by the transformation. Instead of merchandising a la Below the Belt and Sirens with white cheap plastic tables, Garage seems to have to evolved to appeal to the older teenage girls, with darker wood and awesome ceiling tiles and a sitting area with big heavy curtains and lounge sofas. It felt a little bit like walking into Abercrombie and Fitch. The clothing has improved, with cute dresses, lots of great basic sweaters and jean jackets and the like, all for under $40, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Especially if you like candy, my weakness is nerds, and they were hard to resist at only 99¢ a box.

Kate’s View

All you can see of Garage from the mall is the mannequins it has displayed in the windows. Everything else is blacked out, making it mildly suspenseful entering the store, especially if you haven’t been in for a couple of years. I found several circle skirt dresses which looked lovely on the hanger. A lace cream crop top jumped out at me and the store was well stocked in green army inspired jackets. If you like shopping at Forever 21, give Garage a chance. It’s similar, but it’s Canadian owned.