581 Johnson Street | 250-380-3528

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Flavour is a low end locally owned shop targeted at anyone who likes vintage inspired, affordable clothing. Find lots of exposed zippers, sheer shirts and cute dresses for under $40, so you’re getting H&M prices and style at a local shop. Sounds pretty good, right? It doesn’t have much of an online presence because the owners only believe in word of mouth advertising. Also, keep Flavour in mind next time you’re looking for sunglasses or some super intense rings.

Vanessa’s View

Flavour is a really fun store. There’s a lot of cute affordable dresses to choose from in lines that I recognize from my own retail experience that are very competitively priced, so I would say it’s definitely worth checking out in that sense. While a little bit hipster, you can still find flirty dresses in fresh spring colours and a lot of neat jewelry. This store definitely has the west coast vibe going on. If you’ve ever though ‘man I really want a romper, or peplum, or crop top,’ then you can probably find one at a price you like here.

Kate’s View

The building that Flavour is in is one of the most iconic on Johnston Street. The bright colours of the exterior really reflect the funkiness on the inside. Want some old video games to go along with your sheer blouse? Flavour can hook you up with that. Although I prefer Flavour Upstairs (Flavour’s vintage store), Flavour is great for people who want new clothing, but vintage inspired. Along with their clothing and vintage video games, Flavour has excellent jewelry. However, be prepared for it to tarnish with age, but that usually just enhances the unique look of the piece.