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Decade is a sister store to Flavour and Flavour upstairs. It could be seen as the slightly more European version, and maybe the tiniest bit more pricey while still fitting in the low price category. Decade is a great source for trendy dresses and lines like Vero Moda. Be sure to check out the great selection of accessories. While it has a small men’s section, there are quite a few nice sweaters and tees to choose from, but the menswear is definitely more casual.

Vanessa’s View

When I think of the Flavour, Decade, Flavour Upstairs family, I like to think of Flavour as the hipster, super on-trend west coast younger sister, and Flavour Upstairs as the super cool yet slightly crazy Aunt’s attic. Decade is the older, more dignified but just as styling sister, that has done some world traveling and likes to harken back to her days in Europe. Saying that, Decade is probably my favourite of the three stores because I like to think I draw inspirations from European fashion, and Vero Moda is a line I have shopped since I was 13 and in Belgium.

Kate’s View

I remember first discovering Decade when I was 13 and being so excited. I could actually afford the store AND it wasn’t in the mall. Most of my rings and an awesome chevron necklace I own are from Decade, along with a floral skirt and the jacket Kirsten Stewart wore as Bella Swan in the first Twilight movie.