DalyCo Boutique

DalyCo Boutique

574 Johnson St | 250-383-8128

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DalyCo is a locally owned boutique focusing on young and trendy fashions. With more of a modern edge, expect to see the season’s latest fashions at an affordable price. Dresses start at about $55 and go up to about $100. You’ll see trends such as leather skinnies, cutout dresses, studs and anything else edgy.

Vanessa’s View

DalyCo has a lot of basic cuts made edgy. While they seem to be missing some spring stock,you will be able to find some great jewelry and shoes here for an affordable price. For a store that has so much, it seems to be missing a bit, and I think that the problem is the way they merchandise. The racks are quite low and things are easily missed. Prices, and even the styles, can be compared to Bliss and Indigo, but I find I never spend any time going through DalyCo. Also, for me, while they do have lots of cute dresses, I find them just a little bit too trendy, because I like to wear a bra. But if you like cut-outs and cutting edge, DalyCo is probably the perfect store for you.

Kate’s View

When you walk into DalyCo there is a circular table full of shoes that are priced under $100. Love it. The clothing is all affordable and cute. I found a dress with a heart cut-out in the back, it really reminded me of the style blogger Jessica Stein when she wore this shirt. Love it! What disappointed me about DalyCo was the racks looked bare in some parts; the store could have about double the amount of merchandise.