Club Monaco

Club Monaco

The Bay Centre |250-383-5671  + Mayfair Mall | 250-384- 5611





In 1985 Club Monaco started out as a locally owned boutique in Toronto, but now it is owned by Ralph Lauren. Fond of clean lines and a simple silhouette, Club Monaco’s clothes look and feel like high quality items. The store is ideal for young professionals wanting to splurge on a beautiful blazer or buy their first business appropriate dress.

Vanessa’s View

When I think of Club Monaco, I think of the girls from Gossip Girl going to St.Tropez or New York and just wearing really nice, really Ralph Lauren inspired resort fashions. Lots of very nice expensive fibers and $90 scarves and $200 trousers. I don’t really understand why this seems so expensive to me when I can go into other places and think “Wow! This dress is $200 and it’s totally not even expensive!” But for some reason, I just feel strangely out of place when I walk in. It’s probably because Club Monaco is simply the opposite of my style, and their styles just don’t suit my figure. But if you can wear it, I commend you.

Kate’s View

Club Monaco is a slightly more expensive and business minded Zara. The store makes me wish I worked in corporate business so I could strut into my office wearing one of their tailored pantsuits. Since I have a straight body frame most of their clothes fit me quite well.